ECG Machine

  • Category: Hardware, Software, EMC Tests
  • My Participation: 30%, 15%, 40%
  • Progress level: 100%
  • Project date: 2017


My participation in this project included design new thermal printer driver module and modernization of old main board of ECG machine. I also created software driver from scratch for 8 inch thermal printer. I have also leaded a project to meet the new conditions for power consumption by thermal printer (the most difficult part was high current peaks). It resulted in installing li-ion cells with higher current availability and new li-ion pack controller IC.

PCB and schematic design:

  • Selection and addition new CPU of thermal driver printer module
  • Selection and addition new stepper motor driver IC
  • Addition new 6-cell li-ion charger
  • Improvement of EMC immunity


Software included: adaption of communication protocol, receiving, filtering and preparing ECG channels data to thermal printer data input. That required optimized algorithms because data was fed into the thermal printer with 500 Hz. Firmware also contained thermal printer sensors control such as: temperature sensor, paper end sensor, paper mark and driving stepper motor for various linear speed of thermal printer (50mm/s, 25 mm/s etc.).

EMC tests and certification:

  • Participating in EMC testing with practical solving of emerging problems e.g. reducing radiation emissions (the biggest problem was with 10-inch TFT LCD with RGB interface) etc.