ECG Machine

  • Category: Hardware, Software, EMC Tests
  • My Participation: 30%, 5%, 40%
  • Progress level: 100%
  • Project date: 2018


My participation in this project included modernization of old main board of ECG machine.
PCB and schematic design:

  • Replacement old DC/DC converters
  • Selection and addition SOM (System on module)
  • Addition of Ethernet physical layer IC
  • Switch to 4 layers PCB
  • Addition of new IC li-ion charger
  • Replacement old stepper motor driver of thermal printer
  • Improvement of EMC immunity


  • Power supply management

EMC tests and certification:

  • Participating in EMC testing with practical solving of emerging problems e.g. equipment restarts (ESD), ECG data acquisition errors (burst/surges), etc.